Starting a New Business in Wales

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Starting a Business in Wales


Information on Setting up a Business for the Welsh Community

Welcome to Start-up Wales, the portal which provides both useful and practical information on starting a new business in Wales.

Start-up Wales is focused towards those people who are setting up a business for the first time and those with existing operations who are looking for fresh ideas on how to expand their services and reach an increased proportion of the Welsh marketplace.

Whether starting a business based in one of the main Welsh cities of Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Wrexham or one of the provincial areas, we aim to provide information on the current economic climates in these districts so that decisions and assessments can be made before setting up.
Consisting of several distinct sections, the Start-up Wales resources are divided in to logical areas including analysis and advice on whether to trade as a limited company, a sole trade or a partnership, sourcing Welsh products and services and how various organisations throughout Wales might be able to assist with your new business.

The objectives of Start-up Wales are simple; to increase the number of Welsh owned small businesses, to build a community where information can be shared and services obtained and support new enterprises as they grow.

With this in mind, the portal will continually evolve and change to cater for the ever increasing demands of a competitive business environment. We hope to remain at the forefront of the information curve, bringing our visitors the latest Welsh business news and information and highlight many of the current and future opportunities for starting a small business in Wales.

A special mention to our main supporters Complete Formations who specialise in providing UK company registration services. By registering companies online it is possible to have a new ready to use business in less than three hours.

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